I am a dancer-performer-creator-teacher based in Berlin.

My artistic work branches out in very different types of collaborations, eclectic bifurcations probably interconnected in spite of their differences of aesthetics and approach.
They have in common: a pathway in dance, my connection to music, my practice around the body, the pleasure of playing with an audience, the interest on being a channel, getting close, exploring limits and possibilities as a performer.

When I dance I create, and I am a teacher and a choreographer who is a performer.

As a dancer I have collaborated with choreographers such us Eva Recacha, Idan Cohen, Anna Röthlisberger, Isabelle Schad, Matteo Graziano, Jasmin Ihrac and Lola Maury. I was a founding member of DISH Dance together with Aoife McAtamney and Anna Kaszuba, collaborating in multiple works during a period of time in Dublin. Since living in Berlin some branches have connected my practice even further with theatre, visual art or music. In that line is my work on the edges of theatre with Theda and Julian Nilsson-Eicke, Johann Kresnik, and Sylvana Seddig, or with visual artists Susanne Schwieter, and Jimmy Robert.
I am also a member of the Berlin-based band nunofyrbeeswax. And I have collaborated as a choreographer with Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop.

Currently I teach the class Embodied Research as member of Mo.ré at Dock11 and Tanzfabrik in Berlin.