teaching without words | open research sessions

June 9th, 16th & 23rd. 19.15-21.15 at Tanzfabrik Kreuzberg

How do we observe pass on knowledge and guide without words? How does non-oral transmission and communication occur in dance?

In this sessions, open to all levels, I would like to bring together my current research work with my teaching practice and explore guiding a group without words. I see the sessions as a chance to experiment and try-out new tools in a playful environment in which the group develops its own moving voice.

The sessions are free and you can join one or several in any order.

I look forward to meeting you in the studio!


Photo: Giacomo Corvaia
Photo: Giacomo Corvaia

Part of a research project funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the framework of the initiative NEUSTART KULTUR, aid programm DIS-TANZEN by the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.